about me

born june 1967 in ansbach, germany
attended ansbach grade school in 1973-1977
attended ansbach high school in 1977-1986

basic military service with german federal airforce in 1986-1987
training in banking with deutsche bank ag, nürnberg in 1987-1989
business administration study at university of bayreuth in 1989-1991
computer science/business study at technical university of darmstadt in 1991-1993

since 1994 i was employed with a number of companies in the it-industry, mostly in europe but also in the usa (texas, california and new england). all of this time i have worked in management positions in sales and marketing leading teams up to 25 people.

if there is anything else you would like to know please contact me.

about this site

there is really nothing special about this site. i just needed a decent email adress and was pretty tired of everybody asking me why i do not have a personal here it is - enjoy.

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